We encounter a number of common requirements from potential customers.

These include

Those with full plans, calculations and planning permission for works. They are all ready to go, and are simply looking for the right builder at the right price.

Those wishing to test the financial feasability of having works done i.e. they like the idea of having an extension or a new bathroom, but don’t know if they can afford it at the moment. They don’t want the expense of having drawings/calculations produced without first establishing a projected overall project cost.

Those purchasing a new property with an outstanding works requirement. They require a cost report to present to their seller with the hope of agreeing a price reduction.

First things first

Every project is different. What seems like the smallest obstacle, material specification or unforeseen circumstance can, in real terms, vastly alter projected costs. This may seem like an obvious point to make, though it necessitates a fundamental rule – St Clair Builders will not provide on-site up-front estimates. Apart from being unrealistic it is unfair, both on the customer and the builder. We need time to carefully study and assess each project in its given situation. We can then provide a considered and realistic costing.



If your project involves structural and/or detailed design work we will need to see some drawings (and calculations for structural work). We will use these to gather all the information necessary to produce an accurate estimate. Without them we can only presume at things like material specifications, and cannot provide a realistic idea of cost.

We would be delighted to recommend some architects and engineers. Contact us



If your project involves any structural, external, electrical, gas or business related works then you will almost certainly have to inform your local authority before any works can commence. It is always worth making sure. The two departments you will likely need are ‘Planning’ and ‘Building Control’. Please visit the relevant website below for further information:

Brighton & Hove City Council   
West Sussex Council
Worthing Council

Once we have all the necessary information to hand we will produce a detailed and considered tender for your project. This may take some time, depending on the scale of works and the depth of research required, so we do ask for your patience.

We do not cut corners in our tendering process, nor do we deliberately exclude any items with the intention of adding them once a tender has been won and works started. We pride ourselves upon the transparency of our working procedures, and aim to provide every customer with the highest quality products, materials and service. With this in mind we may not be the cheapest, but we are confident in our ability to be the best.

Contact us us to discuss your project requirements, or to simply request some friendly advice.